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ShenProfessional is the flexible practice solution for acupuncturists and other health practitioners.
Price:  €139.00
Downloads:  82
Aurora is the powerfully simple visual photo editing, organizing, sharing and storing software that brings out the best in your photos.
Price:  €40.64
Downloads:  71
EVEREST Corporate Edition is the "magic wand" for managing and securing your IT assets. With EVEREST Corporate Edition, IT administrators use an “all-in-one” solution to obtain a 360° view of an organization’s IT properties in order to diagnose problems, mitigate risks and plan for the future.
Price:  €14.95
Downloads:  68
Photo editing for professional photographers who like things made simple. We've fundamentally changed the way digital photo editing is done-reducing complexity and returning control to photographers.
Price:  €81.32
Downloads:  68
Computer Running Slow, Freezing, or Crashing? PC Tune-Up™ Can Help!
Price:  €21.95
Downloads:  63