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Computer Running Slow, Freezing, or Crashing? PC Tune-Up™ Can Help!
Price:  €21.95
Downloads:  9
Log into web sites and programs quickly, easily, and safely with Password Manager.
Price:  €21.95
Downloads:  4
TouchGraph Navigator, our flagship product, brings you our intuitive network visualization interface. Use Navigator Desktop to perform analysis on your local computer and Navigator Web to create a web portal for your data. TouchGraph Navigator has undergone years of development and is in use across multiple fields including public relations, trend analysis, healthcare, patent analysis, advertising and marketing.
Price:  €405.97
Downloads:  3
Easy and powerful web site creation and More!- Intuitive Interface - Enjoyable site building and publishing - Extensive web component library - Distinctive page creation - Advanced source control
Price:  €79.94
Downloads:  2
Liva Notes is digital stickers. It have nice design and safe notes storage, allows you to write down your notes quickly and easily and allows to place your stickers on the desktop in expanded or constricted states. There is 12 exclusive themes!
Price:  €8.13
Downloads:  1